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Taking into account our history in the community, combined with networking with other nonprofit and for profit organizations, we have compiled a reservoir of information relating to the needs of disabled individuals in our community and how they are being served locally.  If you call asking for assistance with a specific need and we do not provide the service, we will research the request for you and assist you to find a provider who may be able to help you. Call 719-574-9002 and leave a message.



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  1. Lonnie Nulph says:

    I am the mother of an 18 year old daughter with bi polar and severe ADHD. She is socially and emotionally impaired, recently moved into a small studio apartment (paid for by me because I can’t stand living with her anymore). In the past 4 months she has been kicked out of two rooming situations, had her cell phone, computer and dog stolen out of her apartment (by people she befriends), and made serious enemies of her neighbors. She has problems controlling her mouth and her anger. Are there resourses out there for people like her? She isn’t safe living alone. She is on meds and does pretty well when she takes them. She also tried to go to college (Pima Medical Institute to be a Vet Tech.) and that was a disaster lasting 3 weeks. HELP!!

    • JudyC says:

      Hello Lonnie,

      I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been researching your needs and have come up with a couple of agencies you can call. The first is MOSAIC 719-380-0451 x 3199 and the second is Joyful Care Homes 719-213-5853. If they are not able to help you they may have information as to which organizations in town can assist you. There is also the 2-1-1 Pikes Peak United Way resource line. Just call 2-1-1 and tell them your situation. They help individuals with disabilities and seniors in our community find resources available for all kinds of needs. I hope this helps.

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